Defending the indefensible settlements

The Guardian’s Richard Siverstein has written an interesting piece entitled “Defending the indefensible settlements” looking at The Israel Project‘s 2009 Global Language Dictionary, designed to counter opposition in the US to Israeli settlements in the occupied territories.

“Douglas Bloomfield, former chief lobbyist for Aipac, writes that TIP, a group dedicated to promoting Israel’s positive image among the US media and policymakers, has circulated a 140-page primer designed to prompt supporters in their exchanges with US journalists and key decision-makers when they are arguing in favour of the settlements:

If you can’t convince ’em, accuse ’em. That’s the advice from The Israel Project (TIP) for pro-Israel activist. … Rather than try to defend Israeli settlements, change the subject. If that doesn’t work, try accusing those who advocate removing Jewish settlements of promoting “a kind of ethnic cleansing to move all Jews” from the West Bank. TIP calls that “the best settlement argument” in its 2009 Global Language Dictionary.

You can download the 2009 Global Language Dictionary in PDF here or here on Newsweek’s site. It’s an enlightening read.

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