Israeli forces arrest Palestinian on his return from testifying at UN

Mohammad Srour was arrested on July 20, 2009 while crossing the Allenby Bridge from Jordan.

Srour and Jonathan Pollack, an Israeli solidarity activist, testified to the United Nations in Geneva on July 6, 2009 about the murder of two young men by Israeli forces during a demonstration in Ni’lin.

A video of Srour and Pollack’s testimony is available on the UNHRC’s website here. You can also download the video.

Srour, a member of the Ni’lin Popular Committee Against the Wall, participates in demonstrations that take place against the theft of Ni’lin’s land. He and Pollack were witness to the shooting of two Ni’lin residents (Arafat Rateb Khawaje and Mohammed Khawaje) on December 28, 2009 during a demonstration in solidarity with Gaza.

“I know full well that I will pay the price for this testimony when I return at Israeli crossing points in my journey of return after this hearing,” Mohammad Srour stated at minute four of his testimony to the United Nations

Srour was arrested at the border crossing of the Allenby Bridge and taken to Ofer prison. On Wednesday, he was interrogated by Israeli forces and his lawyer has requested an urgent hearing for Thursday. He will likely be taken to court on Thursday, July 23 2009 to hear the charges against him.

[Report from the International Solidarity Movement]

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