Palestine Reading Circle Second Book

In order to deepen our collective understanding of the situation in Palestine and the Palestinian people and to give Edmontonians the opportunity to discuss Palestinian issues, the Palestine Solidarity Network-Edmonton has formed a Palestine Reading Circle, which will explore books focused on Palestinian history, the reality of the occupation and Palestinian culture. Our intention is to read and discuss a variety of works, including fiction, non-fiction and poetry. People with all levels of experience and understanding are welcome.

The second book we have selected is Ghada Karmi’s In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story. We will likely be meeting to discuss the book in late January, full details will be sent out in the new year.

If you are interested in being part of the Palestine Reading Circle, please email and we will add your name to the list to receive updates about upcoming books and times/locations for meet-ups.

Here is the Verso blurb for the book:

“Her memoir is the story of a fascinating woman … If it is a truism to say that no one endures such a catastrophe as that of 1948 with anything except great difficulty, it is certainly not always true that special individuals can make something humanly rich and interesting out of such dire stuff.” — Edward Said

Ghada Karmi’s acclaimed memoir relates her childhood in Palestine, the flight to Britain after the catastrophe of 1948, and coming of age in the coffee-bars of Golders Green, the middle-class Jewish quarter in North London. A gentle humor describes the bizarre and sometimes tense realities that mask her life in “Little Tel Aviv” and, later, her struggle, like that of many other women in the late fifties, to get a university grant to study medicine. Ghada’s personal story is set against the continuing crisis in the Middle East. In Search of Fatima reminds us that the only crime the Palestinians committed was to be born in Palestine. Its author, a committed physician, is desperate for the wounds to heal; History, however, refuses to oblige.

The book can be ordered through, but we strongly encourage you to support local independent bookstores (Audreys downtown or Greenwoods on the southside) by asking them to special order the book if they don’t have it in stock. The Edmonton Public Library does have a copy of the book in their collection.

Publishing information is:
Title: In Search of Fatima: A Palestinian Story
Author: Ghada Karmi
Publisher: Verso Press USA (2002, reprinted 2009)
ISBN-10: 1859846947
ISBN-13: 978-1859846940

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