Budrus screening at GVFF 2010

The 2010 Global Visions Film Festival, which runs from November 11 – 14 in downtown Edmonton, includes a screening of the incredible film Budrus, about the struggle of the Palestinian village of Budrus against the construction of the Apartheid Wall on its land.

Visit the GVFF site for full information.

Saturday, November 13 at 9:00 pm
Metro Cinema (Zeidler Hall, Citadel Theatre)
9828-101A Avenue

Individual tickets are $10 / $8 (students, seniors and GVFF members)
Festival passes are available. Full ticket information is available here.

This thought-provoking film is an eye opener in the telling of a story of the West Bank Palestinian town of Budrus. The town’s future was very much in doubt when the Israelis began to construct their “wall” that was ostensibly built to prevent suicide bombers from entering. The livelihoods of the people of Budrus were threatened when Israeli bulldozers tore up the olive trees on which they depended. A former member of the Fatah named Ayed Morrar banded together with some Israeli liberals and international activists to non-violently protest the wall and its destructive impact on their community. Eventually the Israeli government would back down, but only at the cost of having some Palestinians grudgingly accept the wall as part of their lives.

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