Support the Canadian Boat for Gaza

By the end of June, the Canadian Boat for Gaza, named Tahrir (Arabic for “liberation”) will be sailing with Freedom Flotilla II – Stay Human. Thirty delegates from across the country are preparing themselves for a difficult but necessary voyage and we are continuing to work with our international partners to organize and coordinate every aspect of the project. We are also assembling a dedicated group of volunteers across the country who will remain in Canada, supporting the launch of the flotilla, tracking and communicating with the Tahrir once it sets sail and handling media and public actions regionally and nationally.

Some of you (like us) may have heard via media reports that we are the subject of a lawsuit. We wish to inform you that we have not been served notice and that our plans are and will be progressing normally and legally towards our goal of reaching Gaza.

To date, we have raised around $340,000 through generous donations made by you and others like you. Despite recent media claims, we reaffirm that all money raised was donated by Canadian individuals and communities across the country, no government support and no tax benefits either. This is the sign of a true civil society initiative that every contributor believes in, beyond any doubt.

Other than the boat, which is the major expense, there are many large costs associated with a project of this magnitude and sensitivity, such as communications equipment (which needed to be of much higher grade than originally planned to accommodate media needs and operate as efficiently as possible, in the face of Israeli interference), fuel, repairs, safety equipment, etc. We would also like remind you that we bought a bigger boat than was originally planned, allowing more Canadians to participate and more humanitarian aid to be sent to Gaza.

With this we still need another $50,000 to fulfill the project’s needs. We are asking you to continue contributing to the Canadian Boat to Gaza so the Tahrir and its passengers can sail with all the necessary equipment and security devices needed for this difficult trip.

We count on your backing in this final push towards our common goal. The people of Gaza are waiting for us. If you can dig into your pockets one more time, please do. If you haven’t yet, now is the time. In any case, please ask your family, friends and co-workers to donate as well. Donations can be made online at our website at

About the Canadian Boat for Gaza

The Canadian Boat for Gaza (CBG) is an initiative of Canadian civil society dedicated — through non-violent direct action — to ending Israel’s blockade of the Gaza Strip. We are joined in this campaign by our international partners from Australia, Belgium and Denmark. They are contributing to and will be on board our boat Tahrir.

The CBG is a member of the Freedom Flotilla II, which unites more than twenty similar national initiatives as well as a half-dozen international organizations.

The CBG is a citizen’s initiative which gathers Canadians from all regions. It benefits from the support of nearly 200 civil society organizations in this country and of thousands of people from diverse ethnic, religious, social, professional and political backgrounds, all united by the will to end the illegal and immoral blockade imposed by the Zionist state on 1.5 million civilians living in the Gaza Strip.

The CBG maintains that the Harper government acts against the values and interests of Canada by its uncritical support of the State of Israel, despite Israel’s numerous flagrant violations of international law and of human rights in blockading Gaza.

Faced with the Government of Canada’s irresponsible position, we consider it our duty as citizens to employ all necessary non-violent means to break the Gaza blockade.

Follow the Canadian Boat for Gaza

Visit for updates on the Canadian Boat for Gaza.

You can also follow the CBG on Twitter at @CanadaBoatGaza and @TahrirCanada. You can also follow co-founder and steering committee member of Independent Jewish Voices and the Canadian Boat to Gaza Dylan Penner, one of the CBG delegates, at @DylanPenner. Flotilla hashtags: #Canada4Gaza, #flotilla2 and #FF2StayHuman.

Individuals and groups can also endorse the CBG.

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