Contact your MP to demand safety of Tahrir passengers


We are confirming that the two ships en route to Gaza, the Canada Boat to Gaza Tahrir, and the Irish boat Saoirse are under attack by the Israeli Navy.

Israeli warships are approaching both ships. The Tahrir has received radio contact from the Israeli authorities, asking about their final destination.

Canadian Ehab Lotayef replied, ‘the conscience of humanity’. When asked again, he said ‘The betterment of mankind’. Boarding and commandeering are imminent. On board the Tahrir are three Canadians, Montrealer Ehab Lotayef, Londoner David Heap, and Karen DeVito from Toronto, as well as Australian Michael Coleman, American Kit Kittredge and 20-year-old Israeli Majd Kayal.

Also on board are five international journalists, including Jihan Hafiz of The boats are presently 48 nautical miles off the coast of Gaza. The first flotilla to break the siege was intercepted about 35 nautical miles off shore.

Now is the time to act. Call your local Member of Parliament and Canada’s foreign Minister John Baird and tell them to press the Israelis to ensure the safety of those aboard the two ships!

Local Member of Parliament:

Go to this website , enter your postal code and you will see his / her name, email and phone number.

Minister of Foreign Affairs John Baird:

House of Commons Office: Telephone: 613-996-0984, Fax: 613-996-9880

Constituency Office:
Telephone: 613-990-7720 Fax: 613-993-6501

This situation is developing. For updates, stay tuned to our Twitter #freedomwaves, Facebook,,, and

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