The Other Film Series screening of Paradise Now

The Other Film Series will screen the award winning 2005 film Paradise Now. Everyone is welcome and the event is FREE.

Paradise Now
Thursday, November 24 (4:30 – 6:50 pm)
Education North, Room 2-115

The Other Film Series II is an ongoing series that aspires to engage preservice teachers in dialogue pertaining to five areas of inquiry including: 1) the representation of non-European ethnicities in film 2) cultural and cross-cultural tensions in filmic narrative 3) the challenges faced by non-white subjectivities in Western culture 4) the affirmation of cultural difference and 5) the significance of such affirmation for pedagogy.

The Other Film series is a unique endeavor for three main reasons. First, its organization draws together a range of lecture-hosts whose scholarly backgrounds have included work in critical theory, anti-racist pedagogy, anti-colonial pedagogy, indigenous wisdom traditions and Muslim wisdom traditions. Through the creation of such intellectual spaces, The Other Film Series will nurture the broader intellectual community by offering faculty and graduate students alternative approaches to the Western tradition that informs our often taken-for-granted approach to schooling. Second, The Other Film Series will once again offer undergraduate students the opportunity to engage with the difficult question of how their teaching might become sensitive and responsive to the diverse-life worlds of others. Such a sustained inquiry is crucial in a time when the student population of Alberta becomes increasingly heterogeneic. Finally, The Other Film Series will actively engage in the critical analysis of film. That is, each installment of the film series will continue to assume a critical and sometimes deconstructive stance toward film. It is in this way that the film series will once again serve to acquaint students to ways in which they might critically analyze media in an age wherein they are continually beset by ethnic caricatures and media misinformation.

Film continues to be an important pedagogical medium insofar as it is able to capture the nuance and complexity of life in ways that are often deeply felt by an audience. In this manner, film offers a visceral and sometimes uncomfortable encounter with cultural difference often inaccessible through other kinds of media.

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