Palestine sessions at iWeek 2012

Palestine Solidarity Network is pleased to once again be part of the University of Alberta International’s International Week, which runs from January 30 – February 3. The theme for iWeek 2012 is Living Democracy: Citizen Power in a Global Age.

PSN is presenting the following session:

Wednesday, February 1
Living Justice: Global Action for Palestinian Human Rights
Wednesday, February 1 (11:00 am – 11:50 am)
Dentistry / Pharmacy Centre 4114

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The struggle for Palestinian human rights has in recent years shifted from political maneuvering towards a global, Palestinian-led civil society movement. Governments around the world have failed to take meaningful action to end ongoing human rights violations in the region or to enforce calls by the international community to end the 44-year-old occupation of the West Bank and Gaza. Through non-violent direct action and a growing global movement, citizen power has become the main force in promoting human rights and self-determination for the Palestinian people. This presentation will explore this global movement and its implications for a just resolution of the Israel/Palestine question.

You may also be interested in the following presentations being sponsored by other groups, which focus on the issue of Palestine or the broader Middle East. For a complete listing of events you can visit the iWeek website or download the program guide.

Palestine: Democracy in 2012?
Monday, January 30 (4:00 PM – 4:50 PM)
Tory Building Room 365

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Lenora Yarkie, Ecumenical Accompaniment Program in Palestine/Israel (EAPPI), World Council of Churches
Sponsored in part by the United Church of Canada

What is the status of the Palestinian bid for entrance to the United Nations? Presenters were recently in the West Bank and Israel on a 3-month accompaniment program, working with both Palestinians and Israelis. Gain a first hand account of issues like home demolitions, settler attacks, checkpoints and the separation wall as experienced daily in the region. These government policies obstruct the quest for peace and democracy in Palestine and perpetuate the Occupation of the West Bank.

North Africa in Focus, a Year After: Lessons and Prospects from the Arab Spring
Wednesday, February 1 (4:00 pm – 4:50 pm)
International Centre Lobby, HUB Mall

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Dr. Mojtaba Mahdavi, Dr. Iman Mersal, and Maxwell Zhira
Sponsored by the African Students’ Association

Join us for a panel discussion on the rise of “people power” that emerged in 2011 in North Africa (particularly Tunisia, Egypt, and Libya) and led to the overthrow of authoritarian governments. The focus of the panel will be to re-examine the genesis and nature of the “revolutions”, assess the lessons learned, and look at future prospects and the broader impact on the African continent and the world. Central to discussion will be the prospects and challenges of consolidating “democracy” or a kind of constitutional rule that attends to the needs of the people.

The Middle East in Transition: LIVE from Palestine
Thursday, February 2 (9:00 am – 10:20 am)
Telus Building Room 145

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Sponsored by The Centre for Global Education at Queen Elizabeth High School and TakingITGlobal

Join us as we get a first-hand account from a classroom in Palestine, via video conferencing, to help us shed light on the complexity of the history taking place daily in the region. This session will explore the continued evolution of societal transformation over the last year throughout the Middle East and the implications for Palestine. Learn about current causes of conflict and uprising, like poverty and the struggle for women’s rights.

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