EQuAIA Events During Edmonton Pride Week

Edmonton Queers Against Israeli Apartheid (EQuAIA) will once again be participating in Edmonton Pride Week events in Edmonton, marching in the annual Pride Parade and hosting a screening of the film City of Borders the following week. Details of both events are below.

EQuAIA in the Pride Parade!
Saturday, June 9 (11:30 am)
From 108 Street & 102 Avenue to Churchill Square
Help spread the word! Invite your friends to the Facebook event.

EQuAIA is marching again in the 2012 Pride Parade! Wear RED and bring along your fine selves and a friend – EQuAIA will bring along all of the signage, posters, and banners. If anyone is interested in having a hand in organizing this year, please contact Marcus Peterson directly at mpeterso[at]ualberta[dot]ca.

EQuAIA is entry number 51, right behind Flash (#50) and in front of Planet Organic (#52).

11:30: Meet in parking lot adjacent to 108 St and 102 Ave
11:30-12:00: All walkers must sign a waiver form (They will be supplied by EQuAIA organizers)
12:00: March begins (entry #51)
~1:00: Finish march at Churchill Square

Some notes from the parade organizers:
– Do not stop in intersections when the light is red;
– Alcohol is not allowed;
– Throwing items into the crowds is not allowed; and,
– “Public protesting or questionable political behavior will be strictly prohibited! Groups or individuals whom do not respect this will be immediately escorted off the parade route, and may be denied entry into future the parades.” (In other words, I guess leave your “questionable political behaviour” at home, whatever that means.)

Rain is forecast, so dress appropriately for the weather.

Film Screening of City of Borders
Friday, June 15 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
Stanley Milner Library – Room 7, 6th Floor
( 7 Sir Winston Churchill Square)

EQuAIA will be hosting a free Pride Week film screening of the documentary City of Borders. There will be an opportunity to have an open, public discussion on the documentary afterwards.

City of Borders provides an original view of the vibrant underground community at the only gay bar in Jerusalem where people of opposing nationalities, religions and sexual orientations create a sanctuary among people typically viewed as each other’s “enemy.” This powerful and provocative documentary intimately portrays the daily lives of five Israeli and Palestinian patrons as they risk their lives challenging taboos and navigating the minefield of politics, religion and discrimination to live and love openly.

Set against the construction of the separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories and the struggle for a gay pride parade in the Holy City, these five inter-woven stories reveal the contradictions and complexities in the struggle for acceptance. In observing the lives of the bar regulars, City of Borders explores the bond forged when people from warring worlds embrace what everyone shares in common—the right to be accepted and belong—rather than be defined, or divided by their differences.

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