Palestinian Oscar-nominated ‘Omar’ in Edmonton

Palestinian director Hany Abu-Assad’s acclaimed new film Omar, which received a 2014 Academy Award nomination for Foreign Language film will be screened in Edmonton at Metro Cinema. Three of the screenings take place in the lead-up to Israeli Apartheid Week in Edmonton, and the final two screenings are within easy walking distance and are after the IAW events on those evenings.

Friday, March 7 (7:00 pm)
Saturday March 8 (9:15 pm)
Sunday March 9 (1:00 pm)
Wednesday March 12 (9:30 pm)
Thursday March 13 (9:00 pm)
Metro Cinema at the Garneau Theatre
(8712-109 Street)

Palestine 2013, 96 min
Directed by Hany Abu-Assad
Arabic & Hebrew with English subtitles

Ever since the concrete Separation Wall divided their West Bank town, childhood friends Omar, Amjad, and Tarek must surreptitiously climb over the wall – risking their lives – just to hang out. Omar has an additional motive for dodging the punishing watch of the Israeli military and their bullets: he is in love with Nadia, Tarek’s younger sister. When Rami, an Israeli military intelligence officer investigating the killing of an officer posted at a checkpoint, becomes aware of Omar’s love for Nadia (a secret kept from her brother), he draws Omar into the hell of conflicted loyalties. Masterfully paced, the film boasts compelling performances from its young cast … Omar is set to become an Arab noir classic. (TIFF)

Read about Omar and Hany Abut-Assad at the Electronic Intifada.

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