Edmonton Emergency Rally to Protest Israel’s Onslaught on Gaza

Emergency Rally to Protest Israel’s Brutal Onslaught on the Gaza Strip and collective punishment of the Palestinian people
Wednesday, July 16 (7:00 pm)
Alberta Legislature Building
10800 97 Avenue NW, Edmonton
(Click here for map)

Help spread the word! Invite your friends to the Facebook event.

Organized by the Canada Palestine Cultural Association and Palestine Solidarity Network-Edmonton.

Following the kidnapping of three Israeli settlers on June 12, Israel launched a brutal campaign of collective punishment on the Palestinian people. Night raids, mass arrests, violent repression of non-violent protests, including the use of live fire, home demolitions, settler violence aided and abetted by the Israeli army, the abuses abound unheeded.

On July 8th, Israel began its most recent assault on the besieged Gaza Strip, obliterating hundreds of homes, bombing residential areas, mosques, hospitals, schools, rehabilitation centres, and Gaza’s already fragile water and sewage system. Israel has shown zero regard for the sanctity of human life, wiping out entire families, including 18 members of the Al-Batash family, and continues to do so with the support of the international community. Thousands have been injured, and the hospital are experiencing dangerous shortages in medical supplies, as a result of the Israeli siege. And as the humanitarian situation quickly deteriorates, the international community has responded with a deafening silence.

With a quickly rising death toll, comprised mostly of civilians, including dozens of women and children, and a rapidly worsening humanitarian crisis, the situation requires immediate action from the international community. As Israel hides behind a false rhetoric of self-defence, all the white engaging in relentless bombings of the densely populated Gaza Strip, the Canadian government has issued a statement of support for the massacre of innocent civilians.

Come join us on Wednesday and show your solidarity with the Palestinian people, and demand that our government end its complicity in these war crimes. It is our duty as Canadian citizens to protest our government’s appalling support of the illegal occupation, and demand an end to the violence.

As Archbishop Desmond Tutu says, “If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor.” Hope to see you all there!

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