‘Apartheid in Palestine’ book launch


Apartheid in Palestine: Hard Laws and Harder Experiences
Book Launch featuring Dr. Ghada Ageel
Thursday, January 28 (3:30 – 6:00 pm)
Room B-87, Henry Marshall Tory Building, University of Alberta
(click here for map)

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PSN is thrilled to be a co-sponsor of the book launch for long-time PSN supporter Ghada Ageel’s new book, Apartheid in Palestine: Hard Laws and Harder Experiences, published by the University of Alberta Press. PSN’s Reem Skeik is also one of the book’s contributors.

Everyone is welcome to this free event. Dr. Ageel’s talk will be followed by a Q&A and reception. Copies of the book will be available for purchase.

About Apartheid in Palestine

There are more than two sides to the conflict between Palestine and Israel. There are millions. Millions of lives, voices, and stories behind the enduring struggle in Israel and Palestine. Yet, the easy binary of Palestine vs. Israel on which the media so often relies for context effectively silences the lived experiences of people affected by the strife. Ghada Ageel sought leading experts—Palestinian and Israeli, academic and activist—to gather stories that humanize the historic processes of occupation, displacement, colonization, and, most controversially, apartheid. Historians, scholars and students of colonialism and Israel-Palestine studies, and anyone interested in more nuanced debate, will want to read this book.

With contributions from: Ghada Ageel, Richard Falk, Samar El-Bekai, Reem Skeik, Tali Shapiro, Rela Mazali, Huwaida Arraf, James Cairns, Susan Ferguson, Abigail B. Bakan, Yasmeen Abu-Laban, Keith Hammond, Sherene Razack, Edward C. Corrigan, Ramzy Baroud, and Rafeef Ziadah

About Ghada Ageel

Ghada Ageel is Visiting Professor in the Department of Political Science at the University of Alberta and a columnist for the Middle East Eye, an online news portal based in London, England. She holds a PhD and MA in Middle East Politics from the University of Exeter and a BA in Education from the Islamic University of Gaza.

Praise for Apartheid In Palestine

“Of all the crimes to which Palestinians have been subjected through a century of bitter tragedy, perhaps none are more cruel than the silencing of their voices. The suffering has been most extreme, criminal, and grotesque in Gaza, where Ghada Ageel was one of the victims from childhood. This collection of essays is a poignant cry for justice, far too long delayed.”
—Noam Chomsky

“This book, edited by Ghada Ageel, is an intimate study of a people and place both central to, and isolated by, current international policy. The writing is personal and articulate, reflecting Ageel’s own history as a child of Gaza, a respected academic, and a gifted author. It should be read by all of us who love or want to better understand Gaza and the people who live there.”
—Craig and Cindy Corrie, Parents of Rachel Corrie who was killed in Gaza in 2003

“Ghada Ageel was for some time the Guardian’s ever-brilliant, brave and astute fixer in Gaza. On a visit there I found her local knowledge and sense of history to be invaluable in understanding the Palestinian side of the intractable and endless conflict which has been a tragedy for so many. She brings those qualities to her writing, which is often informed by her own personal experiences, and those of her family and friends.”
—Alan Rusbridger, Principal of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford, a constituent college of Oxford University

This event is co-sponsored by University of Alberta Press, Palestine Solidarity Network, the University of Alberta Department of Political Science, Middle East and Islamic Studies Research Group, Faculty4Palestine-Alberta, Canada Palestine Cultural Association, and the Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism (ECAWAR)

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