ECAWAR forum on the new federal government

PSN is pleased to co-sponsor the Edmonton Coalition Against War and Racism’s forum focused on the foreign policy direction of the new federal Liberal government.

Canada Needs an Anti-War Government
Forum and Discussion organized by ECAWAR
Monday, February 29 (7:00 – 9:00 pm)
Education Centre South, Room 129
87 Avenue at 113 Street, University of Alberta Campus
(Click here for map)

During the federal election, the Trudeau Liberals presented themselves as opponents of Harper’s war-mongering and extremism. The party spoke about a “proud tradition of international leadership” and promised to end Canada’s combat mission in Iraq. But now Prime Minister Trudeau has equated withdrawal of the CF-18s from bombing with an end to the combat mission, while stepping up Canada’s involvement, including increasing the number of Canadian Special Forces on the ground. This is being done in the name of “training,” “stabilization,” “advising” – all words used to give the impression that Canada is involved in a “peace mission” and not an aggressive mission.

An anti-war government would uphold the founding principles of the United Nations which include the right of all nations, big or small to decide their own affairs and opposition to aggression by one country against another. It would withdraw Canada from all aggressive military alliances, and stand for peaceful resolution of conflict.

For full details, visit the Facebook event page.

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