Delivering Health Care Under Fire – Dr. Tarek Loubani in Gaza

Delivering Health Care Under Fire
Featuring Dr. Tarek Loubani
Thursday, November 29 (5:30 pm)
Live via Livestream from Toronto

Canadian Friends of Sabeel has announced that Dr. Tarek Loubani will be the featured speaker at the 2018 James Graff Memorial Lecture, which will take place on November 29 in Toronto. For those outside the Toronto area, the event will also be Livestreamed.

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Dr. Loubani is an Associate Professor at the Schulich School of Medicine and   Dentistry at Western University, and an emergency room physician at the London   Health Sciences Centre and the Al Shifa Hospital in Gaza. He is well-known for his humanitarian work as a field medic in Gaza, where he was shot in the leg by the Israeli military in May 2018 while providing health care for injured Palestinians.

Dr. Loubani has combined his humanitarian efforts and medical expertise through the Glia Project, which has developed 3-D print stethoscopes that can be made in under 3 hours for less than $3. This project was inspired by the shortage of basic medical supplies in Gaza caused by Israel’s 11 year illegal blockade. Currently, Dr. Loubani and the Glia research team are working on 3-D print tourniquets to help reduce deaths related to blood loss in Gaza.

The annual James Graff Memorial Lecture was established in beloved memory of University of Toronto philosophy professor, husband, father, and tireless peace advocate. Dr. James Graff founded NECEF, Canada’s oldest Middle East peace education NGO. In October 2005, Jim was still teaching as well as actively working for peace before he died later that month.

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