Unlawful Bottle of Wine

Unlawful Bottle of Wine: A David-and-Goliath Struggle for Truthful Labels on Israeli Settlement Wines
Featuring Dr. David Kattenburg
Tuesday, March 3, 7:30 pm
Hudson’s Pub, Side Room
10307 Whyte Avenue (map)

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Over a glass of wine (or beer) come hear Dr. David Kattenburg recount his three-year struggle for truthful labeling of wines from the Israeli-occupied West Bank, and for the rule of law in Canada. Last summer, the Federal Court of Canada agreed that wines produced in the occupied Palestinian territories cannot be described as products of Israel. That decision is now under appeal by the federal government.

Dr. Kattenburg will discuss how this case touches on free speech and ethical shopping, and the implications of the federal government’s decision to appeal.

Note: Dr. Kattenburg is giving a similar talk at 3:30 pm on March 3, in Room 113 of the Law Centre on the University of Alberta campus (map).

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