Tear Down This Wall

November 10, 2009

The wall coming down at Qalandiya. Photo: Ahmed Mesleh

Palestinian and international anti-wall activists marked the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall by taking down sections of the Apartheid Wall in the village of Nil’in and at the Qalandiya checkpoint between Ramallah and Jerusalem!

The wall coming down in Nil’in:

Read the report of the wall coming down at Qalandiya from the Palestinian Grassroots Anti-Apartheid Wall Campaign. You can also check out the Flickr photostream of the wall at Qalandiya coming down.

Read Al Jazeera’s report on the Qalandiya action.

BBC News also has video from Qalandiya in their report of the action.

New Concrete Wall in Ni’lin Prompts Fierce Resistance

August 23, 2009
The new concrete wall in Ni'lin

The new concrete wall in Ni'lin

The regular march to the confiscated land in the village of Ni’lin was different this week, as occupation forces have begun building a concrete wall in front of the fences and military road. The march started after the farmers finished praying in an area near the stolen lands. More than 150 people protested on Friday, with international and Israeli activists supporting the people from Ni’lin.

The protesters arrived at the stolen lands to face a high concrete wall, four to eight metres high depending on the area. Soldiers fired barrages of a tear gas on the crowd, covering the area with clouds of tear gas that resulted in many breathing problems. Occupation forces also sprayed chemical wastewater, which carries an unbearable smell and induces vomiting, to keep people back from the Wall.

Clashes started between stones throwers and soldiers, extending along the fences that have not yet been covered by the new wall. Soldiers fired rubber bullets at those who managed to reach the fences and cut parts of it. Young people responded by throwing tear gas canisters at the soldiers and jeeps, which forced the soldiers to retreat and abandon their jeeps until the gas had cleared.

Youth then broke through one of the gates, passing through to the street and one of the electronic sensors with a Palestinian flag. Soldiers responded by opening fire with all types of bullets, including live ones, and shooting high-velocity tear gas canisters at groups of people. Soldiers then opened the gates and perused protestors by jeep, launching tear gas everywhere. Young men threw three tear gas canisters at one group of soldiers, forcing them to withdraw.

During the course of the demonstration, the army attacked the first-aid teams in an attempt to force them from the area. One volunteer was injured when a captain fired a sound bomb directly at the group. In total, six people were injured on Friday.

The demo continued for six and half hours. According to a resident, “This sends a message to occupation forces that the new wall will not prevent us from fighting and protesting for our rights. We will protest more and more. This was message sent by the all the people who were there.”

[Report from stopthewall.org]

Israeli forces arrest Palestinian on his return from testifying to the United Nations

July 22, 2009

Israeli forces fire tear gas at demonstrators in Ni'lin.

Israeli forces fire tear gas at demonstrators in Ni'lin.

Mohammad Srour was arrested on July 20, 2009 while crossing the Allenby Bridge from Jordan.

Srour and Jonathan Pollack, an Israeli solidarity activist, testified to the United Nations in Geneva on July 6, 2009 about the murder of two young men by Israeli forces during a demonstration in Ni’lin.

A video of Srour and Pollack’s testimony is available on the UNHRC’s website here. You can also download the video.

Srour, a member of the Ni’lin Popular Committee Against the Wall, participates in demonstrations that take place against the theft of Ni’lin’s land. He and Pollack were witness to the shooting of two Ni’lin residents (Arafat Rateb Khawaje and Mohammed Khawaje) on December 28, 2009 during a demonstration in solidarity with Gaza.

“I know full well that I will pay the price for this testimony when I return at Israeli crossing points in my journey of return after this hearing,” Mohammad Srour stated at minute four of his testimony to the United Nations

Srour was arrested at the border crossing of the Allenby Bridge and taken to Ofer prison. On Wednesday, he was interrogated by Israeli forces and his lawyer has requested an urgent hearing for Thursday. He will likely be taken to court on Thursday, July 23 2009 to hear the charges against him.

[Report from the International Solidarity Movement]

Disguised Israeli forces arrest two Palestinians in Ni’lin

July 22, 2009

Around 80 Palestinian residents, alongside Israeli and international solidarity activists, gathered to demonstrate against construction of the Apartheid Wall in Ni’lin on Friday, July 10, 2009. After the weekly prayer, demonstrators marched to the Wall, chanting slogans against the Occupation and theft of their land. Upon arriving at the site, protesters cut the illegal fence with cutters.

Israeli forces shot tear-gas canisters at the protest, but individuals continued to destroy the fence. In response to the military violence, young Palestinian men threw stones and paint at the military vehicles driving below the Wall. Demonstrators managed to cut through the fence and placed boulders and a burning tire on the road to prevent military vehicles from driving close by and attacking.

The demonstration ended abruptly when approximately 10 members of Israeli special forces, disguised as participants with masked faces pulled out pistols and telescopic batons. Soldiers armed with guns and riot shields then entered through the fence and shot large amounts of tear gas, smoke grenades, percussion grenades and live ammunition from their handguns.

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